The TriDot Triathlon Podcast

Triathletes at the Gym: Best Practices for Incorporating Cardio Equipment and Classes

Episode Summary

As a triathlete, you understand the importance of cardiovascular training. But when you are at the gym - whether by personal preference, joining some friends, rehabbing an injury, or forced inside by Mother Nature - how can you make the most of these sessions? On this episode, Vanessa Ronksley interviews TriDot Coaches Jeff Raines and Matt Sommer about the best ways to utilize gym cardio equipment and classes. Jeff and Matt share their best practices for incorporating various pieces of cardio equipment into their training regimen, especially in relation to swim, bike, and run sessions. They also recommend certain machines for athletes who may have injuries. Then, Jeff and Matt discuss which group classes and programs are beneficial for triathlon training, and which ones should be avoided. So, if you have questions about conquering your next gym session to improve your triathlon performance - look no further than this episode. Time is running out to participate in this year's triathlon research! The Preseason Project® is a triathlon research initiative that helps us quantify and enhance the performance gains that TriDot’s Optimized Training™ delivers over training alternatives. Qualified participants receive 2 free months of triathlon training. Learn more and apply at: