The TriDot Triathlon Podcast

Metrics That Matter (And Those That Don't)

Episode Summary

Triathlon is a data-rich sport. But with so much data available, it can be difficult to discern what information is helpful, and what is just noise. On today's episode, coaches John Mayfield and Jeff Raines cover all of the training terms and metrics you need to know to properly analyze your workout. Learn how descriptive data presents opportunities to reflect on the execution of your training session, and what metrics truly matter. John and Jeff also cover setting up your training devices to see specific metrics during your sessions to get the most helpful real-time feedback. Huge thanks to deltaG for partnering with us on this episode. To learn more about the performance boosting benefits of deltaG Ketones head to and use code TRIDOT20 for 20% off your order.  On their site you can: 1. Learn more about fueling with deltaG ketone products 2. Make a standalone purchase, or subscribe for ongoing deltaG ketone deliveries 3. Book a FREE 15 minute video consultation with Brian, an expert on exogenous ketones, and deltaG in particular, to discuss your individual goals and best choice of deltaG drink to exceed those goals.